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Question: What if I made a reservation for you to pick me up at the airport, and my flight is late?

Answer: We will know whenever your flight is late or early. At the time you made the reservation, you provided us with the airline, flight number and scheduled arrival time. Your driver will be checking with the airline to verify the actual arrival time, and he will be waiting at the airport or nearby for your call.

Question: What if I am able to get an earlier flight?

Answer: We require you to let us know as soon as possible, whenever you make any changes to your existing reservation. Please call us and let the dispatcher know of your new airline, flight number, and scheduled arrival time. We can often adjust the schedule to be there earlier for your new itinerary.

Question: What if I'm traveling on standby? Can I just call you for a ride home when I arrive?

Answer: If you are traveling on standby, please call and make a reservation, and inform our dispatcher / reservations agent that you are traveling standby. If you don't get on the plane, please call us immediately and let us know, because if we don't hear from you, we will assume you got on the plane and our driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

Question: What if I have made a reservation for you to pick me up at the airport, and upon arrival, my friends or relatives show up and give me a ride home?

Answer: You are responsible for every reservation that you make. Our policy is as follows: no shows and same day cancellations are subject to a minimum $20.00 fee.

Question: Can I make a reservation for someone else?

Answer: Yes, if you are willing to take full responsibility for the fare. However, we prefer that the person travelling makes their own reservation.

Question: How much should I tip my driver?

Answer: Our drivers greatly appreciate gratuities. Tips should always be given to express appreciation for excellent service. Our passengers usually tip their drivers in a manner similar to restaurant servers ( 15% - 20% ).

Question: Do you accept credit cards?

Answer: Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Question: Can I get a senior citizen, military, AAA, AARP, kama'aina, airline employee,student, travel agent, or any other special discount?

Answer: No, because we offer everyone the same great low rates! However, there is a way everyone can get a 10% discount ( see gift certificates).

Question: One of the travelers in our group has a wheelchair. Can I bring the wheelchair in the van?

Answer: Folding wheelchairs can always be accommodated ( at no charge) but our vans are not equipped with ramps for motorized chairs.

Question: Do your vans have child safety seats, or should I bring my own?

Answer: We always recommend that you bring your own. However, child safety seats are available by reservation on a limited basis for a fee of $4.00 each way per seat. You must indicate your need for them in the reservation and specify whether infant, toddler, or booster seat and the quantity child safety seats are not currently required by Hawaii law in commercial passenger-for-hire vehicles, (but are always a good idea).

Question: Can my child or infant ride for free?

Answer: No, every person in the van is part of the fare simply because they occupy a seat, and therefore are charged accordingly.

Question: Can I smoke in your vans?

Answer: We have a no smoking policy at O'ahu Airport Shuttle. Passengers are not allowed to smoke or drink inside the van.